Monday, December 14, 2009

About Our Pillowcase Dresses

The pillowcase dress was born during a time of thrift and frugality when nothing was thrown away and time was precious.

What do you do when one pillowcase is worn or torn and the other is good? Make dress out of it. What do you do with an empty flour sack? Make a dress out of it! Flour used to be sold in 40 and 50 pounds sacks made of about a yard of fabric. Flour companies used to make their brand of flour more attractive to housewives by making the sack out of pretty fabric!
The beauty of the construction of the dress was that you could use make the dress without cutting the bag or pillowcase to pieces. This was a great time saver. The other time saving part of this dress was that the dress can also be worn as a top, pair meaning the garment could be worn for YEARS. The great thing about dress, is that it is an all season dress, perfect for summer by it self, or with a long sleeve turtleneck worn underneath. :)

It seems that with the return of thrift and being crunched for time and money, the pillowcase dress was destined to make a return to popular children clothing. I don't think that you will ever find this type of dress in a "mart" type of clothing store. They may copy the style, but they will never give you a generous width of fabric or high quality fabric, because they want the garment to wear out and look bad in time so that you will have to buy another one.

We will start carrying pillow case dresses in our online boutique and at craft shows, in Spring 2010. We will have the following sizes:
  • size 3M- 12"
  • size 6M- 14"
  • Size 12M - 16"
  • Size 18M - 18"
  • Size 24M - 20"
  • Size 2T - 22"
  • Size 3T - 24"
  • Size 4T - 26"
  • Size 5 - 28"
  • Size 6 - 30"
  • Size 7 - 32"
  • Size 8 - 34"
(3M-4T will have matching diaper covers/bloomers) We hope you will enjoy them!

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