Saturday, December 19, 2009

About the Boutique Manager

Rachel Marie Byrum is a 16 year old girl who moved at the age of 5 from Southern California to Idaho. She lives with her family that consists of 10 children but now 8 at home. She also enjoys babysitting children and with her growing up with 7 children younger than herself she has had quite a bit of experience.

Rachel has experience in customer service by starting up her Maltese breeding business. She has a love for animals, so she enjoys being apart of their lives. She started this business at the age of 13 and hopes to develop it more by buying more dogs to breed this next year.

Rachel takes pride in her hobbies. She enters craft fairs to showcase her most prized works of art. She has a passion for photography and film making, which she is currently working on a film to enter into a film festival, this coming October 2010. She also has an enthusiasm for God, and He is what instills in heart to pursue a music career. She is part of a band with her sisters called SARABETH. She sings and plays the guitar in their band. Lastly, Rachel loves crafting and cake decorating. She has brought her crafting craze into this business and will be contributing to the fashion sense of the Byrum Boutique.

“I wanted to take part in this business venture, because I think owning your own business is very educational and with not yet graduated from high school I think it will be great way to gain some business knowledge for my future. I am also very happy to work with my adorable cute pregnant sister-in-law. :-) I enjoy working with people and try to satisfy them as best as I can.”


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