Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Byrum Boutique Models

Our little cute models will be a combination of our sisters and closest friends! When you purchase one of our products, be sure to email us a picture of you and your new fashionable item from Byrum Boutique!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

About the Boutique Manager

Rachel Marie Byrum is a 16 year old girl who moved at the age of 5 from Southern California to Idaho. She lives with her family that consists of 10 children but now 8 at home. She also enjoys babysitting children and with her growing up with 7 children younger than herself she has had quite a bit of experience.

Rachel has experience in customer service by starting up her Maltese breeding business. She has a love for animals, so she enjoys being apart of their lives. She started this business at the age of 13 and hopes to develop it more by buying more dogs to breed this next year.

Rachel takes pride in her hobbies. She enters craft fairs to showcase her most prized works of art. She has a passion for photography and film making, which she is currently working on a film to enter into a film festival, this coming October 2010. She also has an enthusiasm for God, and He is what instills in heart to pursue a music career. She is part of a band with her sisters called SARABETH. She sings and plays the guitar in their band. Lastly, Rachel loves crafting and cake decorating. She has brought her crafting craze into this business and will be contributing to the fashion sense of the Byrum Boutique.

“I wanted to take part in this business venture, because I think owning your own business is very educational and with not yet graduated from high school I think it will be great way to gain some business knowledge for my future. I am also very happy to work with my adorable cute pregnant sister-in-law. :-) I enjoy working with people and try to satisfy them as best as I can.”


Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Our Mission is to provide woman and young children with a boutique that can express their creativity by wearing our products and to generate buzz and sales through top-notch exclusive products. We endeavor to make every order as stress free as possible for our clients by taking care of all their needs by providing excellent customer service, by showcasing quality, well-constructed fashions from prominent and cutting-edge designer, offering a variety of beautiful and high-end fashion accessories and to help women learn what styles go best with their unique personalities. By being aware of your vision and listening to your ideas, as well as fashion trends, we will create a signature experience for you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

About the Boutique Owner

Paris Raedine Starr Byrum, 20 years old, a California native currently residing in Idaho. She is the oldest of four, and is currently married to Jonathan Byrum. Paris living with her husband, her dog, Bear, and a baby is on the way.

Paris graduated from Agoura High School in 2007 and earned her certificate in Meeting and Event Planning from California State University Dominguez Hills. She also earned a certificate with the Wedding Planning Institute, for Wedding Planning.

Paris has experience in customer service, working for the City of Agoura Hills. She also has great retail and management skills, working as an In House Coordinator, and Manager. at the Marry Me Lounge, in Temecula, Ca.

Paris loves to sew and design dresses and purses for friends and family. She also takes classes seasonally at Jo-ann’s Craft stores, to keep up with trends She has always been crafty, turning old things new again, and keeping up with the fashion trends has always made her think on her feet what what she will make next.

She believes that God presented this opportunity to her, to help people, and connect with people on a religious level; by making sales and joining craft fair to talk to people.

“I became a boutique owner, because I have a passion for working with people. I love this line of business, because it is always different and I will always learn new things. I got interested in this business, when I planned my first fashion show, and the love for design. Currently, I am starting this business from home, and I plan to expand very quickly. I enjoy being a business owner, because I can work with anyone and their uniqueness, and I will allow any new ideas, and take anything it into suggestion. The services I provide are unique to each client."


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

About our Denim Purses and Wallets

According to a study done by research markets, blue jeans are the most widely produced piece of apparel in the United States. In 2006 (when the last study was done), we bought over 450 million pairs. In one year.

And, that’s just the United States. So, to say that we’re denim fanatics would be an understatement.

Come on, come clean. Ya know you have an old pair of jeans that you just can't seem to peel off your body, is beyond tattered at the knees, falling apart at the seams, and frayed beyond recognition. The only thing that even looks decent is the seat, right? Well, come on now, throw them away already!

We recycle old jeans, why not turn them into a denim purse or a wallet? You will want a pair of jeans that is worthy of doing this awesome project and that you can accessorize to fit your personal style. We pick out a pair of jeans that isn't torn to bits and that will hold up to the many items that you carry with you on a daily basis. Adding beads, buttons, glitter, fringe, paint, or appliques will ensure you have a one of a kind purse that everyone will be asking about. And we will be carrying these in Spring 2010!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

About Our Pillowcase Dresses

The pillowcase dress was born during a time of thrift and frugality when nothing was thrown away and time was precious.

What do you do when one pillowcase is worn or torn and the other is good? Make dress out of it. What do you do with an empty flour sack? Make a dress out of it! Flour used to be sold in 40 and 50 pounds sacks made of about a yard of fabric. Flour companies used to make their brand of flour more attractive to housewives by making the sack out of pretty fabric!
The beauty of the construction of the dress was that you could use make the dress without cutting the bag or pillowcase to pieces. This was a great time saver. The other time saving part of this dress was that the dress can also be worn as a top, pair meaning the garment could be worn for YEARS. The great thing about dress, is that it is an all season dress, perfect for summer by it self, or with a long sleeve turtleneck worn underneath. :)

It seems that with the return of thrift and being crunched for time and money, the pillowcase dress was destined to make a return to popular children clothing. I don't think that you will ever find this type of dress in a "mart" type of clothing store. They may copy the style, but they will never give you a generous width of fabric or high quality fabric, because they want the garment to wear out and look bad in time so that you will have to buy another one.

We will start carrying pillow case dresses in our online boutique and at craft shows, in Spring 2010. We will have the following sizes:
  • size 3M- 12"
  • size 6M- 14"
  • Size 12M - 16"
  • Size 18M - 18"
  • Size 24M - 20"
  • Size 2T - 22"
  • Size 3T - 24"
  • Size 4T - 26"
  • Size 5 - 28"
  • Size 6 - 30"
  • Size 7 - 32"
  • Size 8 - 34"
(3M-4T will have matching diaper covers/bloomers) We hope you will enjoy them!

Friday, December 11, 2009

About Our Hair Accessories

Our hair accessories are unique, high quality, and extremely versatile!

Flowers: Each flower is attached to an alligator clip, which can be interchanged between different beanies, headbands, clipped onto your own hats, apparel, or purses and totes, and even worn alone in hair or in ponies and other hairstyles! The possibilities are endless! We use high quality clips and flowers. Most of our flowers will have a gem in the middle, which make them extra special!

Bows: Each bow is attached to an alligator clip, which can be interchanged between different beanies, headbands, clipped onto your own hats, apparel, or purses and totes, and even worn alone in hair or in ponies and other hairstyles! The possibilities are endless! We heat seal our ribbon to prevent fraying, and use high quality clips.

Headbands: We use several different styles of headbands in our designs. Crochet-like, stretchy headbands in 1.5 and 2.5 inch widths come in a variety of colors and types. Our elastic headbands include a stretchy elastic section at the base of the neck for a comfy fit. Our skinny headbans are best for those people who have a hard time keeping our crochet or elastic headbands on. All of our headbands are one size fits all unless otherwise noted.

Beanies: We use adorable crocheted beanie hats which come in a variety of colors and are soft and stretchy enough to fit most everyone! These come in children sizes and adult sizes. All of our beanies will include an option to purchase with a bow, or flower clip.

Monogramming: We will be able to add a monogram button to the center of any bows we sell, in any color letter, and fabric, offered in 7 different fonts. We will also be offering bottlecap buttons for the middle of bows, for people who want pictures of their favorite celebrities and/or hobbies in the middle of their bows!

Custom orders welcome! we are looking to also carry feather clips and headbands :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grand Opening Giveaway!!!

Thanks for checking out our NEW Blog. To help spread the word, we are offering a Grand Opening Giveaway! The winner will receive a flower hat or headband of their choice! Here is how you can earn entries:

  1. Simply leave a comment anywhere on this blog and receive one entry. (If you chose to post a comment “anonymously,” please be sure to leave a name and email address so we can let you know if you win!)
  2. Help us share the news by encouraging friends to visit our site. If they leave a comment, not only will they receive an entry, but you will receive another one if they mention you sent them! The more friends who mention you, the more entries you receive! Of course that friend can now do the same, spreading the word, and increasing their chances of winning.
  3. If you choose to “follow” our blog, you will receive yet another entry! (Followers are also eligible for periodic “Follower Giveaways")

The lucky winner will be chosen through a process at on March 1st. So, be sure to earn all your entries by February 28th (midnight PST). We can’t wait to announce the winner! Don’t forget to check back often for all the new things we will be adding to our site!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


At the Byrum Boutique, we will be offering many unique products!
  • Bow hair clips
  • Flower hair clips
  • Headbands
  • Beanies
  • Pillow case dresses
  • Monogrammed hair bows
  • Denim purses
  • Denim wallets
  • Hair bow holders
  • Bow puff hair clips
  • Diaper covers / bloomers
  • and much much more!!!
We hope you all will enjoy our new products!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We are Byrum Boutique is an upscale accessory boutique that will open online in February 2010. Byrum Boutiques accessory selections and exclusive personal style services, which include a detailed Style Assessment, will ensure that our customers are well dressed and accessorized. The Byrum Boutique is a woman-owned business currently organized as a Sole Proprietorship.

Byrum Boutique will provide services such as Style Assessments, personal shopping, and special ordering to customers during store hours and by personal appointments. Style Concierges who are trained within the image industry will be available to customers on a daily basis. Byrum Boutique's innovative Style Assessments and educational emphasis in helping women develop their personal styles will enhance our reputation as a truly unique boutique.

We look forward to our followers!

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