Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Ultimate Blog Party!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Welcome Ultimate Blog Party! This year we’re participating in The Ultimate Blog Party, sponsored by our friends at We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to check out other blog communities. Share with us your favorite finds and be sure to introduce us to the new friends you make along the way! For those new to Byrum Boutique, we know you have many stops to make so here’s a brief introduction to our blog and website.

Q: What is Byrum Boutique?

A: An upscale boutique, that provides very cute accessories for children and woman and we have weekly giveaways & much more!

Q: Who is behind the site?

A: Byrum Boutique was founded by Paris Byrum: “I became a boutique owner, because I have a passion for working with people. I love this line of business because it is always different and I will always learn new things. I got interested in this business, when I planned my first fashion show, and the love for design. Currently, I am starting this business from home, and I plan to expand very quickly. I enjoy being a business owner, because I can work with anyone and their uniqueness, and I will allow any new ideas, and take anything it into suggestion. The services I provide are unique to each client."

Q: What gets featured in your blog?

A: There’s a variety of things that get featured, hair bows, flower clips, rings, dresses, baby accessories, headbands, and whatever our customer wants!

Whats your style?!

Please visit our website at Byrum Boutique

Thanks for your support!!!

Prizes we want!
US 69- Provided by: The Itty-Bitty Bookworm
USC 29- Provided by: Serendipity is Sweet
US 2- provided by: happy panda
USC 22- Provided by: Cushie Pushie Company
US 36- Provided by: A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Shop
US 92- Provided by: Jamaise @ Wishing Penny
USC 4- Provided by: The Plus Size Mommy